Morning Musings

I woke up at 4:10 a.m. this morning and looked at my clock and pondered whether I should get up or not. But as usual, my mind started to kick in on over-drive about all of the things I need to get done or work on. Then the remembrances of the little fires from yesterday and the day before that hadn't quite been resolved set in and I pulled myself out of bed decidedly ready to start the day. By the time I am standing in front of the bathroom mirror brushing my teeth...I've already pondered, prioritized, and strategized the day in my head. Whether it actually winds up looking the way that I am imagining it playing out is probably unrealistic...but at least I somewhat have a game plan for the day. I put on the tea kettle, give my fur babies their morning "cookies", get my tea cup for the day, and patiently wait for the kettle to boil. Then I make my way to my office and turn on my day has officially begun.

Today is "tow-hitch" day...I'm having one put on my car so I can start toting around all of my art show stuff as things are starting to open up more and we artists can start getting back to doing what it is we do. The guy tells me it will take two I plan on taking a long walk...or reading a book while waiting. I am pretty impressed by the way I have managed to pull myself up after all of the things I've had to deal with the last several years. And I am enjoying not being a wife anymore. There's a lot of freedom in that - that I either had lost or had forgotten. I can actually manage my own life stuff for the first time in beyond years - instead of having my energy and resources drained by others to the point where there was nothing left for myself on a daily basis. And I am actively learning the art of practicing "self-care" - something that I have never done.

Lots of new adventures ahead! I'll will be sharing more soon!!!

Much peace,