Art is a J-O-B

I love it when a creative tells me that "making art IS work." This of course is true. However, it's only a half the truth. Creating art is also a profession; a J-O-B.  Unfortunately, non-creatives tend to have this vague idea that creatives "play" all day and that what we do is not "work."  There is this disconnect and devaluation of the work that we creatives put out into the world.  This is amazingly frustrating because there is this belief that tends to pop-up, more often than not, that creatives should "work for free." I  argue though that it's actually not "free" because there are REAL costs involved for the creative in time, materials, etc. This is so amazingly present in society that a lot of creatives can seriously find themselves buying into to this notion and either devalue their own work or offer it up for free in the hopes that there will be some type of reciprocity down the road (which never happens).

 Work Studio

Work Studio

This concept drastically needs to change.  The blatant devaluation of creatives and their work by society at large is simply wrong.  Creating art is not only W-O-R-K; it's a J-O-B just like any other profession that individuals expect to be paid to do. In no other profession that I can think of do we find this kind of "entitlement" aspect. When a person provides work; they get monetarily compensated for that work because it's their J-O-B. Being a creative should be NO different. Yet it is.

If you are a non-creative reading this: The next time you ask a creative for something, don't ask for free work.  Pay them what they are charging and don't haggle - because it's their J-O-B.

Much peace!


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